Thursday, June 2, 2011

Comin' out both ends'

Poor kiddos are sick! Some one end and some, the other end and some getting over it. Ya know, I've never had the uh-hm, "opportunity" to witness it quite like this, with one throwing up all over the place and sticking the other in the bathtub with stuff coming out the other end.  I will spare you the pics, lol.  I think we should put up a "nanny" cam because I think people wouldn't believe sometimes what we deal with having 4 bbs at once, and they could see the real craziness that goes on!! Sometimes its just too much to explain :).  Poor babies!!! (poor everyone else around too, gag!)  Racer has lost some weight, though, so we have to fatten him back up again! Let's hope they are all on the road to recovery soon!!! Summer, hurry it up!!!

Aww, lil' Miss Mia, just wishin' it would go away already! 

Ryder seeking comfort from a blond :)

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