Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yep....just add it to the list!!!

Snoozin' on the bridge
April 2011
 So, we have a funny story to tell (can you hear my slight sarcasm?)  Our first excursion away from the quads plus one,  our anniversary cruise in February .....and,  'whilst' we were away....the dog did play!!! Sweet young, INNOCENT..... Oreo. You are too YOUNG for this sort of thing!!! Haven't we explained to you stranger danger and one-night stands???   Boys dogs, cannot be trusted!!! I guess we should have explained it all a little better so you could have prepared yourself for this sort of "just say NO"  and run for the hills!!!  

Our little Oreo had puppies, 5 of them,  Friday morning (about 3 weeks ago)  Yep....just add it to the list, as I say!!! Can you believe it???, now we have Quads and Quints, as if we needed anything else that poos and pees and cries and has to be watched 24/7 :)  Too Cute, though, so whatcha gonna do???

Maverick and Oreo 
March 2010

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What a beautiful day!!!

A view from the rear....

Love, Love, Love Love

April 1st was a BEAUTIFUL DAY, so we took the babes out to play....or so they thought, we actually made them take pics BUT, we did make it fun for them, PROMISE!!!  Here are some of the pics, sooo cute!!! Photos courtesy of Josh

 Max Dylan


Racer Ryan  

   Ryder Patrick

Mianna Esme


"Twin Powers.....  Activate!"

BOYs In JeanS 

Look at Maxx!!!
"Hey Baby, over here!"
Twins,  "Sweet!!"
Mia, "Oh, geez, get me outta' here!!!"
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quad-Ville Sale!!! Saturday April 16, 2011

Hi Everyone!!! Just wanted to let the locals know, I am having an In-Door Baby& Home Sale on Saturday April 16, 2011 from 8-1.  That's this Saturday!  We have swings, car seats, bouncers, bath tubs, baby carriers, and tons and tons of Gymboree clothing that is all in matching sets with blankets and everything which were hardly used or worn. Some is new still with tags and in packages. Most of that is boy clothing from preemie to 12 months sizes and there is 3 of everything, so if anyone is having twins or triplet boys, this would be great for them. Then, we have beautiful Gymboree girl outfits and dresses, some never even worn, as lil' Miss Mia was always too small for anything, lol!!! We also have Enfamil Enfacare Formula, which is very expensive and  we are selling for $8.00 a can, it is normally $16.00. I am also selling a Medela Electric Breast Pump, normally $367.00, I am selling for $115.00.  It is a Medela Pump and Style Advanced, hospital grade. Not used very much as I used a hospital one at the hospital most of the time. I also have some house stuff for sale as we are trying to get our house ready to put up for sale so we are clearing out!!! Come by and check it out!

3505 N. Goose Gap Rd.       
Benton City, Wa 99320         

*** If you are mapquesting for directions, it says Benton City but we are NOT in Benton City, we are only 10 min. from the mall and we are in b/n W Richland and Badger Canyon. 

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Organized...and it only took 7 years!

Who better to get advice from than someone who deals with “multiples” on a daily basis,  although a little bit of a different setting.  My friend, Karen Egbert, is a preschool teacher and  was Maverick’s preschool teacher.  She also became one of my clients and I totally miss doing her hair! She taught me some GREAT things about organizing and educating for little ones.  I was one of those mom's, (ha, like its in the "past" tense, I still "am" one of those mom's), who kept every piece of paper your child ever scribbled on.  See,  I always had this "vision" that I would have these perfectly planned, color-coordinated to every detail, journaled scrapbooks of my kids... right?  Well, in a perfect world, I believe I would have, lol, BUT as it seems, my perfect world is perfectly imperfect and I'm okay with that :).  So, now that I have accepted and come down to reality... it was time to quit waiting for the perfect time to get my perfect scrapbooks done and just get down to business!!! I called Karen, because she is one of the most organized people I know and asked her to help me figure out what I should keep and not keep.  That's always my dilemma.  So, I drug out my boxes and boxes, yep, all 7 years of "stuff" of Maverick's to be organized. 
Here were some of her tips: 
3" binders & Box of Page Protectors  
Okay, now before, I continue one, I just want to interject that I know maybe there are a lot of people who have thought to do it like this before, and it is very simple....but, in my defense, I could never get past the whole "perfectly planned pretty little books!!!" So, cut me a little slack when you find out how simple and easy this was and I should or could have done this, yep, about 7 years ago, and maybe if you are one of those mom's like I am, then it can help you too!
So, back to the tips:
First, drag out all of that stuff you've been hiding in all the drawers and closets that takes up valuable space, yep, ALL of it!!!

Next, sort out according to grade level.  And, EDIT!!! (and eat and drink too)

Here is a sort of guide to help you decide what stays vs. what goes: 
Glue & Stick Cut Out:    Throw out
Coloring Pages:             Keep a few from beginning of the year and a few from the end of the year. 
If they Created It, Wrote It, or Made It........KEEP IT!
 Felt sooo good to get rid of some stuff!!! 

Then, Sort and Edit Again...

Put into Page Protectors into Binder, Add Title to Binder, & Put Away!!! All Done!!!
Then, when you are caught up to present, keep that notebook handy and everyday sort through what papers to keep and what to throw out, put in binder... All Done!!!

Can you believe all of that fit into these?  Why did I wait so long???

I put all of the stuff that Maverick made before he started school in the "other stuff" binder, so eventually I may be able to scrapbook, or even finish his baby book,  because I now have everything in one place!!!

Karen did this for all four of her kids, here is a pic of here highly organized, "real" person closet where she stores it for them.

Now, I just have to start one for each of the babies....just when I thought I was getting ahead of the game....Reality sets in.....again x 4 !!!
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