Monday, April 16, 2012

"I've got a new attitude"....gettin' my blog-on...

I cannot believe it has been since June of 2011 since I last wrote.  I think about it all the time, and yet, I have not found the really, it comes down to the energy to do it! But.....I have got a new spring attitude....and more importantly, I wanted to do this for ME, and my kids, so they would have a record of our crazy lives, so here goes...

Let me give a summary in a nutshell of things I can remember right at this moment that have happened since last June.....the kids are doing unbelievably great! Meeting all their milestones no problem, no issues, no developmental things, nada!!! So blessed and grateful for that! They are starting to really talk and understand, and of course, know more than you do already...."I do it, I do it" and No!!!, those are their biggest vocabulary so far, oh wait, and "bite!!" "bite"!!!, They have already started tattling on each other and turning each other in as to who is the biter, thing is, if you ask who they say did it, he says......nothing. Complete and utter silence.....hmmmm, can't wait until they are older, this otta be fun trying to find out who did what!

So, what I can remember, right now, with each kid, here we go:

Maverick: Doing great in school, totally into Beyblades, being the awesomest big bro!!! Now that we have sold our house and are living with our neice, bless her crazy heart, he is so excited to be able to walk to school. We always lived out in the country-ish so I had to drive him every day....I am just as excited that he gets to walk as well. He is still our little snuggler, he's 8 almost 9, and I am not sure when that will end, but for now, he still needs a hug and cuddle, although I'm sure he wouldn't want that as front page news, but for me, it's something to cherish.  He knows "smoke on the water" on guitar, and that's pretty much the only song he wants to play. Patrick took him to Home Depot last weekend to be able to pick out his own lawnmower since that is his outside chore now....he picked the most basic one, because he said "simple is best"....did that really come out of my kid's mouth??? Sweet! Let's hope is not just a phase :)!!

Mia:  Oh, sweet Mia!!! This girl, I tell you, sometimes if not for her, I would be in serious need of estrogen therapy!!! When you live with 5 boys.....well, those of you who do, know what I mean.  She is such a girlie girl too, which is nice, although, she does like to get dirty too, so good combination.  She stands still to get her hair done, amazing...., she is a complete shoe fanatic!!! Better start saving for that shoe fund :).  She has the greatest smile and loves to sing and dance.....that's my girl!!! Love her!!! One of the cutest things she says right now is " you hay"  and she points to your hair.  So, now we all have "hay" on our heads and not hair, lol, which sometimes is true depending on the time of day, mornings.....definintely "hay" :).  She loves her daddy too but she comes to tell on him if she doesn't like what he is doing.....good girl......I have an informant on board!

Racer:  Racer is like a little Robert Redford.  Blonde, good-looking, and, for a 2 year old!   He is good with the girls.....he can be a real flirt .  He talks very clear and can pretty much say anything you can, he may not know what it means, but he has good mimicking, so it won't be long before he knows, time to be careful  what we say around them!!! He is a good runner, can get away with anything if you are not up for the challenge of chasing him around the entire house and outdoors to get back whatever it is he has taken, little stealer!!! :) 

Ryder:  Ryder, is the most like Maverick was when he was that age.  He is tough, like nails, but has the sweetest little heart.  He checks up on his brothers and sis if they are in "time-out".  He watches out for them if mom has told them not to do something, he tries to enforce the rules, that is, unless he is the one breaking them, haha.  But....on the other side of that coin,  if he wants something, you better just move out of the way because he will get it and never look back!!!  He likes to wrestle dad all the time and gets the biggest kick out of tackling him to the ground and sitting on him. Know what he did this past fall???  He had a belt and was throwing it around, trying to get Max....and yes, he got him....right in the mouth.. Broke one of Max's front teeth clear to the root.....Max had to get it pulled out and he won't get another one til he's like 8, omg!!! Max, is a whole nother story, that kid!!! But, Ryder, also, a Robert Redford look-alike, is boy to the maxxx!!! 

& Max:   Oh, Max, Maxim, Maximus, Max-a-million, (no joke on that one), this guy is one of a kind for sure.....from the curly gold-blond hair, the big brown eyes, the one-tooth wonder, the dancer who's got the best moves, still lovin' the sucking on fingers, (ewwww!), who hates cheese of any kind, lol....this little guy is going to be something, I don't know what yet, but he surprises us every day!!! He has that mysterious factor that we cannot figure out just yet, maybe we never will, maybe it comes from him fighting so hard to live to be with us or lol, maybe it's just the fact that he is with us, and the baby of 4 that he needs to break out in his individuality, whatever it is, this little guy has got the "it" factor :). 

Went to Hawaii in December with the whole clan, yep, even gma and gpa, lol, we were a site, I can only tell you!!! I have lots of pics to come from that when I get a chance to write about it.

Went to the Ayers Cabin in December.....always fun times!!!

My grandmother died in January at 96 years old.  She was a great old lady :) Spitfire for sure. The anniversary of my dad's death was on the 20th of January.  I turned 38 in January. January, is never my favorite month. 

February, is better....Our 14 year wedding anniversary and love him every day more than the day before!!!  Bought the house.   Anniversary Dinner with our great group of friends!

So, that is so few details but the short of it for now.... Our house story, that's what's on our minds right now and I can give details about that because it's an every day thing right now working on it!!! So, here goes....

We put our house up for sale (July 2011), sold it (October 2011), and moved in with our neice (November 2011)  with the plans of building our "dream house" to house all of these kiddos, like our 20-year plan house.  We had it in our heads that that was the best thing to do.  I must say, though, we really have learned a lot just in the last few months, since November, that changed our minds and led us to make some totally different choices than what we had in mind at first. 

We had lived on 2.5 acres for 13 years.  Then we had Quads, obviously.  That changed everything.  Too much land and not enough house was our problem.  The land would have been great, say the quads were 6 or 7 years old already, but those are some long years in b/n with five kids and having toddlers for a long time, when you need to take care of that much property and the house, just not a good lay-out for all of us.  But of course, just as soon as we begin to get things the way we wanted them, so kind of  a sad deal......or so we thought. 

We moved into our neice's house,  9 of us in 1600 sq. ft, yep, it's getting to be on the other side of busting at the seams now. But... so gracious of her to do so we could a place to live as we built our house.  Well, as we realized very quickly, there is something to be said about "neighborhood" living, which we hadn't done since living at home as kids, since we lived out on the property.  One block from the school, a neighborhood with lots of kids, on a cul de sac, a fenced in yard where you can see the kids play, parks nearby, stores nearby.  Wow, this was so different for us!!! For me, it kind of felt like "home" because that's how I grew up, within 3 blocks of each school I attended, 2 blocks from the grocery store, lots of friends lived close, actual side-walks to walk on, lol, not just gravel roads and pasture. Not to say that I didn't like living in the country but, this little bit of "city" life, lol, as if you could call it that anywhere in the TC, but it's nice, really nice.  So, the more we looked for land to build and the more we realized how much the kids need a space to be contained in, we started looking into smaller pieces of land and could not find anything we liked. Then, we thought, how nice it would be for a while to just live in a smaller house, less to take care of,  like the one we are living in now with our niece, but not 9 people of course, haha, just our little group of 7.  (sometimes this stuff sounds so oxymoron-ish), but really, they are little people so it's not the same :).  Super long story short, we came down to this an interim house until the kids get into school,  a 3-5 year plan.  Sounds good.  It wouldn't be our custom house plan but we could get something that would fit us for the life we live now and give us time to figure out what we will need in the future with so many kids who will not be little for long! Then, I happened to find a house that was a flipped house, super good price, still needed some work ( in my opinion), but could be do-able. Patrick, not so much with that idea.  He found a house plan he liked, wanted to build, and be done.  I was totally on board with that, but couldn't let go of this other house for some reason. With a new house, even building not our custom house, there is still so much that goes into that....mostly the yard stuff that the kids really need right now and we would be working on....again...working on something for probably another year to get anywhere near what we needed or wanted.....not sure I can go through that again with having all these 2 year olds!!! Then, we decided to look at the difference in numbers....clear down to the last bill we would owe.  With the new house, we would be still in the same situation, owing bills and taking longer to pay them off......if we did this other house, even if it needed work....we could be debt-free in a year to a year and a half, with nothing to owe but our house.  How awesome would that be??? With five kids??? So, it was kind of a no-brainer, although, it's hard to turn down  a brand-new 3200 sq.ft house with 5 beds and 4 baths, that could last even longer than an interim house if  we needed it to or wanted it to, still in a neighborhood but with having to do a back yard...doesn't sound that bad, right? So we prayed and prayed and decided to come up with plan A and B.  Plan A.....if the builder could come in exactly in our budget, which we had already met with him about, then we would just go ahead and do that because we possibly could stay in that house for a long time, even if it wasn't our custom plan that we have in our minds....which is really a hard thing to let go of when you know what you want.....and when you want to decorate your heart out.....and....have enough rooms for everyone... a playroom separate for the kids.....huge kitchen...., lol, oh, yea, get back to the budget Felishia.....(I had to be a serious "self-talker" to keep my head in the right place).....and if he couldn't, then we would put in an offer on the flipped house, which still needed work and I would have to go back to driving Mav to school...etc.... but the price was almost too good to not do.   So decision time, we are at the realtor's office.....the builder comes in at $5,000 over our budget price.  But, it's "only" $5,000 more".....(me, silent prayer "please don't want the big house, please don't want the big house, stick to your guns!!!)  So, we did.  We said no, even though it was "only" that much above our budget, but all I kept thinking was, if that happens now.....we will be at our budget for building our custom home by the end of it and then we should have just done that if that was going to be the case, right?? Makes sense.  So, we offered on the other house.  Left feeling pretty good.  Drove right back to our neice's house.....and the next door house is for sale!!!! What??? That sign was not there when we left 2 hours ago.....what's the deal?  So we call our realtor, just curious of course (wink, wink), and ask to see this house if possible, (even though we just put in an offer on another house a half-hour ago), she graciously says yes.  It's so new on the market, though, it's not even in the computer yet, they had just put the sign up while we were gone.  We had thought before this even happened, wouldn't it be nice if a house right around here went up?  No joke!!! it was! So, we go look.   Ummmm, took us about 5 min. to decide we wanted this one!!! It was the same plan as the other house, 6 years newer, had been loved and well cared-for,  4 bedrooms, 3 baths, nice yard, fenced, concrete, cute colors on the outside (because you know that's the stuff I was looking at :) ).  Then......looked in the back yard.....after already deciding, I NEED a place to do hair, I miss it, and was going to do that in the house we just put an offer in, a little hair shack out back.....and open the back door......No Stinkin' Way!!!! The cutest, little house-looking/shed thing..... ummm., that is my salon, yep, all MINE!!!! Could that have been a more perfect scenario??? Basically, same price as other house because we wouldn't have to do the work we were going to have to do on that block from the school, kids in the neighborhood, cul de sac, fenced yard.....price right to be able to meet our goal of being completely debt-free except for mortgage (and medical bills from the kids, but that will always be a thing in our future sadly )!!!! We withdrew the offer on the other house put in an offer on this one, had it the next day!!! Unbelieveable!!!  Now, of course, I have to say that in some ways I am a total glutton for punishment, we could have moved in the way it was and it would have been fine........but......I absolutely did not want to move in and have to work on it at the same time and living next door, how is not that not the best???  

So, here we go on this new adventure.....gutting and redoing a house, which we actually love to do, but we don't have to live in it at the same time!!! That's awesome in itself.... so, now I can finally start sharing (for those who care to read about it, lol) or just writing down for me to remember, haha, what, why, when, & all that stuff about redecorating our new little perfect house, in our cute little neighborhood, with our cute little yard, and cute little kids!!!  I'm surprised really at how good we feel about this decision, being that we decided not to build our "dream house"....but living simpler and getting out of debt......I have a new attitude! Life is never going to be completely simple for us with our situation but as a family, we can make a choice in our lifestyle, live simply, spend time together, have fun, be close in a little house, and have lots of friends we love over in our little house :),  haven't you heard......"love grows best in little houses".....can't wait til it's done!!!  I'll hopefully now, keep on with writing this all down.  Designing, decorating, woohoo, let's do this thang!!! Oh....and if anyone wants to help, lol, come on over!!! :) 
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Comin' out both ends'

Poor kiddos are sick! Some one end and some, the other end and some getting over it. Ya know, I've never had the uh-hm, "opportunity" to witness it quite like this, with one throwing up all over the place and sticking the other in the bathtub with stuff coming out the other end.  I will spare you the pics, lol.  I think we should put up a "nanny" cam because I think people wouldn't believe sometimes what we deal with having 4 bbs at once, and they could see the real craziness that goes on!! Sometimes its just too much to explain :).  Poor babies!!! (poor everyone else around too, gag!)  Racer has lost some weight, though, so we have to fatten him back up again! Let's hope they are all on the road to recovery soon!!! Summer, hurry it up!!!

Aww, lil' Miss Mia, just wishin' it would go away already! 

Ryder seeking comfort from a blond :)

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Murphy's Law...and other stuff

Wow! Time is just flying by!!! It's been almost a month already since I last wrote and so much has happened, nothing big, of course, just the every day happenings that I wanted to try to "document", lol, I think having 7 people in a family, though, will take away that time faster than usual!

Oh, yes, and let's not forget Murphy's Law, he hates me ya know, and I didn't even do anything!!! :) Haha! (Don't ask me where I found the time to find this out) but here are some things I found about Murphy's Law, and other "truisms" (because Mr. Murphy is a real intereference in my life to say the least!) He comes by EVERY day and has seriously worn out his welcome!!! You ever feel that way? From kids, to computers and printers, well, just about anything techy in my world, to the so always convenient modes of transportation for the quadsters (have you seen that thing attatched to the back of my van?), to the TC weather and esp. the wind, thanks again, wind, for dumping my receiver into the POND!., to running into screen doors, yea, it was embarrassing, the list goes on and on and on.....Oh, but Mr. Murphy you forget, I have a great family, a great nanny, Ruth (again, thanks always to Perfect Blend), and a great deal of love-based sarcasm to help me deal with it all!!!

For the Guys:  
1.  Never make anything simple and efficient when a way can be found to make it more complex.
2.  If it doesn't fit, use a bigger hammer.
3.  A dropped tool will land where it can do the most damage.
4.  After something has been assembled, extra components will be found on the bench.
5.  Any wire cut to length, will be too short.
6.  Meksimen's Law: There is never time to do it right, but always time to do it over.
7.  It works better if you plug it in.
8.  Jones' Law: The man who can smile when things go wrong, has thought of someone or something he can blame it on. 
9.  Allen's Axiom: When all else fails, read the directions.... see below...

I'm teaching the boys early ....(note, they have all read the directions except one...the big one with the drill)
Then, they can enjoy the fruits of their labor & lesson learned!  

Mia already knows all that :) Such a smart girl!

For the Ladies:   So, of course, these are totally obvious because I'm sure they happen to you as much as they do to me, well, almost anyways :), but it just makes you want to say "AMEN" after some of these....I'm just sayin'.... :)

1.   Nothing is as easy as it looks. 
2.   E-v-e-r-y-thing takes longer than you think.
3.   Given the most inappropriate time for something to go wrong, that's when it will occur.
4.   If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.  
5.   If in any problem you find yourself doing an immense amount of work,
      the answer can be obtained by simple inspection.
6.   In any human endeavor, once you have exhausted all possibilities and failed, there will be one solution, simple, obvious, and highly visible to everyone else.
7.   Preudhomme's Law of Window Cleaning: "It's on the other side."
8.   Hurewitz's Memory Principle: "The chance of forgetting something is directly proportional"???  
9.   Laura's Law: "No child throws up in the bathroom"
10. Anything that happens enough times to irritate you, will happen at least once more.
11. When you have a mess in your home; it is for sure you will have an unannounced visit.

So, the only thing "good" I found about Murphy's Law is : 

 In Murphy's Law, "if anything can go wrong, it will", is true, then Murphy's Law itself can go wrong and then things can sometimes go right.

Nice to know!

Patrick and I did Bloomsday with our friends and had a BLAST!!! I will have pics and more details soon!!! You've got to try that sometime! Thanks to our peeps who watched the kids for the weekend!!!   

Congratulations to my niece Brandy and her husband Brian to their new addition to the family, lil' Ketch!!! Love his name!!!

Friends w/Skillzzzz:  My good friends at "the Hair Chateau",  moved to a new location and are using some new products that are awesome and a new Smoothing and Straightening System by Pravana with no horrid chemicals like some,  for all you wavy and curly-headed mamas, so you definitely have to check that out! I will be putting out a post on that to give out details on the stylists that work there, their prices, and pics probably by next week.  Also, I want to share with you those who may be looking, my guru of organization, Karen Egbert and her Preschool Stars with you. I think I mentioned this before, Karen runs a preschool out of her home and she is AMAZING! I will have more details on that as well. So, you who are entering the exciting time of preschool, (exciting that you actually get a couple hours to yourself a couple times a week !) you have to check her out. I will have her schedule, pricing, and contact info too.

The Homefront: Other fun things I am hoping to share on the blog is our hopeful journey of getting our house on the market to sell and where in the world we will be after that! I jokingly say we will homeless with five kids but, the closer it gets to putting our house on the market, the more of a joke it does not become! So any of you locals who know of rental properties, please let us know! So, when it comes to house stuff, anything home, decorating, organization (which is a skill I have yet to master, lol), all of that stuff, I LOVE and so I am super excited to venture down the road of maybe building a house or whatever comes our way, if all works out, and sharing some awesome websites and blogs that I have found that are SOO awesome for ideas!

The Family:  Doing great (even amidst Mr. Murphy) haha! The biting has taken a break, thank goodness! The Q's are really starting to interact with each other, talking their own languages (I was so excited for that time!), and they love the outdoors!!! Ha, as much as we can take them out in this weather!  Isn't it supposed to be almost June? Mav is almost out of school and ready for summer... and Patrick, aww,well just as handsome as ever, if I do say so myself :) xoxo

The Puppies: Ready for homes now!!! They are sooo stinkin' cute!!! I'm totally in love with one I've named Curly, but I can't!!!   We are giving them away not selling them, just hoping they find good homes and it's a great time of year to get  a family pet!!! Here are some pics of them with the kiddos!  SERIOUSLY, help us out, lol, we absolutely CANNOT keep these pups (geez, could you even imagine???) , so if you are interested, PLEASE, email or call or fb and let me know!!!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Houston.....We Have a Problem"

So, we have a biter in the house!!! Racer!!! This little guy got mad at me for not letting him crawl up on the couch, for safety reasons of course, since he went over the edge once already, ouch!,  and also, just to be able to sit for  A  SEC  with no one actually crawling all over me which I totally know is impossible in house full of quaddies!!!  Soo, he BIT me on my leg when I told him no!!! Now, I thought kids might have a problem biting each other, but no, he bit the mama! Oh, and it huuuurrt!!!  Teeth marks and bruise are marked as evidence... There will be no more biting the mama!!!  Never a good  idea to bite the hand (or in my case, the leg) that feeds ya!!!  

P.S.  Since I wrote this a week or so ago, in this past week, Racer has bitten Ryder in the back, teeth marks and all..... He bit poor Max 3 times!!! Once on the back, once on the cheek, and once on the wrist!!! Now, you may be wondering, how could this be happening, are you actually "watching" your kids, oh, but I assure you, when you have 4 of them, they can get quite sneaky when they run away into the hallway and the next thing you hear is blaring scream before you know it!!! None of the others have bitten in retaliation thank goodness, any good ideas on how to stop him from biting....let me know!!! 

Here's a look at some of our "Racer wounds"  

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yep....just add it to the list!!!

Snoozin' on the bridge
April 2011
 So, we have a funny story to tell (can you hear my slight sarcasm?)  Our first excursion away from the quads plus one,  our anniversary cruise in February .....and,  'whilst' we were away....the dog did play!!! Sweet young, INNOCENT..... Oreo. You are too YOUNG for this sort of thing!!! Haven't we explained to you stranger danger and one-night stands???   Boys dogs, cannot be trusted!!! I guess we should have explained it all a little better so you could have prepared yourself for this sort of "just say NO"  and run for the hills!!!  

Our little Oreo had puppies, 5 of them,  Friday morning (about 3 weeks ago)  Yep....just add it to the list, as I say!!! Can you believe it???, now we have Quads and Quints, as if we needed anything else that poos and pees and cries and has to be watched 24/7 :)  Too Cute, though, so whatcha gonna do???

Maverick and Oreo 
March 2010

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What a beautiful day!!!

A view from the rear....

Love, Love, Love Love

April 1st was a BEAUTIFUL DAY, so we took the babes out to play....or so they thought, we actually made them take pics BUT, we did make it fun for them, PROMISE!!!  Here are some of the pics, sooo cute!!! Photos courtesy of Josh

 Max Dylan


Racer Ryan  

   Ryder Patrick

Mianna Esme


"Twin Powers.....  Activate!"

BOYs In JeanS 

Look at Maxx!!!
"Hey Baby, over here!"
Twins,  "Sweet!!"
Mia, "Oh, geez, get me outta' here!!!"
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