Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yep....just add it to the list!!!

Snoozin' on the bridge
April 2011
 So, we have a funny story to tell (can you hear my slight sarcasm?)  Our first excursion away from the quads plus one,  our anniversary cruise in February .....and,  'whilst' we were away....the dog did play!!! Sweet young, INNOCENT..... Oreo. You are too YOUNG for this sort of thing!!! Haven't we explained to you stranger danger and one-night stands???   Boys dogs, cannot be trusted!!! I guess we should have explained it all a little better so you could have prepared yourself for this sort of "just say NO"  and run for the hills!!!  

Our little Oreo had puppies, 5 of them,  Friday morning (about 3 weeks ago)  Yep....just add it to the list, as I say!!! Can you believe it???, now we have Quads and Quints, as if we needed anything else that poos and pees and cries and has to be watched 24/7 :)  Too Cute, though, so whatcha gonna do???

Maverick and Oreo 
March 2010

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