Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Houston.....We Have a Problem"

So, we have a biter in the house!!! Racer!!! This little guy got mad at me for not letting him crawl up on the couch, for safety reasons of course, since he went over the edge once already, ouch!,  and also, just to be able to sit for  A  SEC  with no one actually crawling all over me which I totally know is impossible in house full of quaddies!!!  Soo, he BIT me on my leg when I told him no!!! Now, I thought kids might have a problem biting each other, but no, he bit the mama! Oh, and it huuuurrt!!!  Teeth marks and bruise are marked as evidence... There will be no more biting the mama!!!  Never a good  idea to bite the hand (or in my case, the leg) that feeds ya!!!  

P.S.  Since I wrote this a week or so ago, in this past week, Racer has bitten Ryder in the back, teeth marks and all..... He bit poor Max 3 times!!! Once on the back, once on the cheek, and once on the wrist!!! Now, you may be wondering, how could this be happening, are you actually "watching" your kids, oh, but I assure you, when you have 4 of them, they can get quite sneaky when they run away into the hallway and the next thing you hear is blaring scream before you know it!!! None of the others have bitten in retaliation thank goodness, any good ideas on how to stop him from biting....let me know!!! 

Here's a look at some of our "Racer wounds"  

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